Tour name Rainbow`s End, Explorer Tour
Tour contents Take a visit to the untouched paradise, Kayangel Island, the northernmost state of Palau. Travel time is 2.5 hours, one way from IMPAC dock to this secluded island where you can enjoy tranquility, pristine white beach and clear blue water. A great escape from your modern and busy world. Savor a delightful seafood Palauan style lunch.
Tour price

Adult: $190
Child (3years up and 12years below):$120
Infant (under 3years): free

The required time of tour 8.5hours
necessary permit
no permit needed
Includes of tour price Transportation, lunch, drinks, Snorkel set, Life jacket, Fishing tackle.

Please wear swimsuit and wear shorts, sandals and a T-shirt. Better if you have a long-sleeved shirt and a windbreaker.

Belongings Towel, hat or cap, sunblock, camera, etc.
Minimum # of customer: Minimum of 2 adults.
Infant’s participation Infant/s should be accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian. Infant’s lunch is not included in the tour package, so please inform the staff beforehand if needed
<Additional Information>
You must inform the staff of your height, weight & foot size for diving gear rental.
Tour course

IMPAC staff will pick you up at the hotel so please wait at the lobby.

You can pay the necessary fees to our staff. After, there will be a 1 hr. travel by car

IArrival at Al Colon state.

Here you can use the toilet at the wharf before getting on the boat. If the weather is bad, tour may be canceled in the morning. If, during the course of the tour, the weather turns bad, and it will not be possible to go to Kayangel, we go to other island instead.

10:15 Enjoy snorkeling at this spot and be amazed by the clearness of the sea and set eyes on the amazing showcase of corals and fishes.

11:10 Experience the Palauan style of fishing. Want to eat fish that you yourself catch? This is the tour for you

12:10 The Kayangel state consists of four islands. Three of them are uninhabited. For this tour, you will go to "Gerabelas island" where you can see the beautiful Long Beach.

13:00 Have a Palauan-style lunch in this uninhabited island. The main dish? Your catch. The fish caught in the morning during fishing are the very ones that they will prepare for your lunch. Drinking water, Lemon Juice, and Oolong tea is also available.


Arrival at Kayangel island

This island has a population of 40. The number of elementary students here is only 14. You will see the simple rows of houses as you walk along the stone pavement. You can eat banana and coconut juice, freshly picked from the trees. You can also see, and touch..the fruit bat.

15:00 departure to Koror by boat

17:00 arrive at Hotel
※Tour course and snorkeling point might change due to sea condition and weather.
Remainder please put sun block during tour. The UV in Palau is 5-7 times than Japan.

Money is not needed during tour. Please bring only tour fee. ? (There is a safety box at Impac office)

Cancel policy

50% cancellation fee arises from 17:00~21:00, a day before tour date. 100% cancellation fee after 21:00, a day before tour date

Persons with disability Blind OK Deaf OK Mute OK Disabled NO

※Blind and/or disabled person is required to have one travel companion. IMPAC staff will take care of Deaf or Mute, need not be accompanied

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